Old world pride, quality and craftsmanship are forged into every product.

Forging by Schilling Forge

Schilling Forge has been a valued supplier of precision forgings for more than 25 years. Operating 11 forging hammers and 5 screw presses; we work with both hot and warm forgings, and supply a wide variety of products to many industries.

Continuing in our German forging heritage, we specialize in close-tolerance, shallow cavity forgings. From our selection of more than 700 patterns, forgings are supplied in stainless steel, alloy steels, and plain carbon steel, however, high-tech or specialty alloys may also be used to suit your requirements. Our products are normally supplied in a "stress relieved" and straightened condition ready to be finished. Schilling Forge, however, does not provide secondary machining for a "finished" or consumer ready product.

We maintain a fully functional toolroom which includes multi-axis CNC milling machines, wire EDM, digitizing, grinding, and heat treating capabilities. Our experience and capabilities allow us to respond quickly to new product requests and assist current forging producers to expand their existing capacity.

Product Samples

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