Schilling Forge Incorporated
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Our Products

We support the cutlery, medical, industrial and dental markets with superior forgings.

Our products are normally supplied in a "stress relieved" and straightened condition.


For the past 45 years, Schilling forge has been a preferred provider of forgings for cutlery organizations. We continue to provide products in both high-carbon, and various stainless grades to produce the highest quality product.

  • household knives
  • tactical knives
  • utility knives
  • scissors
  • shears - domestic and barber
Cutco Table Knife
Cutco Super Shears
KA-BAR Wrench Knife


Doctors and Dental professionals rely on our forgings for their strength to be able to provide best-in-class care for their patients.

  • surgical scissors
  • endoscopic handles
  • forceps
  • scalpels
Surgical scissors


Making a difference for lineman, arborists, and electricians by ensuring their sure footing and safety, while putting quality tools in their hands that enhance their skills.

  • buckles
  • gaffs
  • hand tools - snips, pliers, wreches
Man working on an electrical line


Dental professionals rely on the strength of our precision forgings to increase their comfort and control as they perform extractions and other procedures.

  • dental pliers
  • forceps
Dental pliers

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